On Rectus Diastasis and PRI…

I am looking for help to close my rectus diastasis. Any suggestions? I have done several things but have only had minimal improvement.

From our experience with rectus diastasis, there is no way to actually close the diastasis without surgery.  However, we do not recommend that you get it surgically repaired, this will only further complicate things.  You can, however, help bring the muscles together to allow for proper healing. 

With a rectus diastasis, you will have a decreased infra sternal angle.  Your lower ribs will be in external rotation and you will be in a hyperventilatory state.  This means that every time you go to inhale, your ribs are already flared out (external rotation) so the breath you draw in is only spreading your ribs and abdominals further apart. 

The best treatment for you would be to work on thoracic flexibility so that you are able to properly work your obliques to pull your lower ribs down or to pull your spine into thoracic/lumbar flexion making the diastasis pulled together.