On Recommended Dress Shoes…

I was recently lecturing to a group of dentists, and most of them were interested in the “dressier” shoes.  Do you have a list of recommended dress shoes?

I would try to apply the same principles to dress shoes as to running shoes.  Most dress shoes, however, don’t have adequate arch support in them.  Obviously, backless shoes aren’t good for our patients with lack of calcaneal support.  Here’s a list that I put together for one of my patients this past spring.  Shoes can change so if you find some that you like please feel free to share:

Aravon Farah
Aravon Farren
Aravon Flora
Aravon Jodi
Clarks Show stopper
Clarks Wave Cruise (Mary Jane shoe)
Clarks Wave Wheel (tie up shoe)
Munro Jolie
Munro Kellie
Munro Passion

-Lori Thomsen, MPT, PRC