On PRI and the Avulta Procedure…

I’m trying to find information on “Avulta Procedure” used for pelvic floor prolapse.  I am trying to figure out how the surgical technique is done in order to understand how the mesh is fixed and which tissues may be potential problems as a result of the fixation and subsequent restrictions.

Here is what we know about the procedure: 
Avulta is a product used for pelvic floor reconstruction.  It is a type of synthetic mesh used in a sling operation or tension free vaginal taping.  The type of procedure to install the mesh varies from MD to MD.  Most of the doctors we work with use the tension free taping, there are no surgical suturers or attachments but there is of course a lot of soft tissue disruption.  The “natural” type of mesh adheres to normal tissue and scars down to give support.  The type of procedure depends on the type of dysfunction and severity (SUI, organ prolapse).  
There was a fairly good picture of the portal holes on Bard Urological (seller of the product).
Part of the problem with the procedures is that the biomechanics of why they have prolapsed may have never been corrected, scar tissue built on an unstable, asymmetrical pelvis can certainly lead to pain and reoccurance of symptoms.  Most often these patients need manual releases after the pelvic position is corrected.