On Neuromuscular Deficits in Individuals Who Cannot Inhale Through Their Nose…

What is the neuromuscular deficit in individuals who cannot inhale through the nose while holding air in a balloon? What are some good cues to help them along?

Some neuromuscular deficits in individuals who cannot inhale through their nose include:
1.  Restricted air flow through sinus cavity (deviated septum, sinus polyps, etc.)
2.  Restricted airway (sleep apnea, forward head posture, cervical instability, mandible position, etc.)
3.  Poor abdominal co-contraction during inspiration (poor ZOA and thorax position)
4.  Poor diaphragmatic power-strength
I encourage them to start with the balloon by pinching the neck off the balloon while inhaling and then gradually move into respiration (6 seconds out through the mouth and 3 seconds in through the nose) as neuromuscular and respiratory strategy improves…again provided they don’t have a cold, sinus congestion, airway compromises, etc.