On Class III and Class I bite…

I recently took the Cervical-Cranio-Mandibular Restoration course.  I had one of my patients ask her dentist about her bite and this is the information she gave me:

  • Posterior: class III left side cross bite
  • Anterior: class I

Could you explain what this mean in terms of PRI tretment?

Your patient basically has a normal anterior bite but a small upper arch on the left or a cross bite that is positioning her lower teeth on the left forward, weakening her left lateral pterygoid and loading her right TMJ for pivotal chewing. She’ll probably need a splint to open her right bite and align her cranium or orthodontistry to correct her left malocclusion before a good PRI program will relieve any symptoms at the cervical-cranio-mandibular complex. If she has no symptoms, I would treat her by restoring right BC issues only.