On Adductor and Pelvic Floor Activation…

How would you describe adductor activation as facilitating pelvic floor activation?  E.g. if you do a Left Sidelying Knee to Knee exercise…..are you activating the right pelvic floor muscles via a polyarticular chain between the left ischiocondylar adductor magnus and the right pelvic floor?

Adductor activation requires pelvic floor co-contraction by the levator ani group, the obturators, and the coccygeus muscle.

A Left Sidelying Knee to Knee requires right FA ER and left FA IR…so right pelvic floor is probably co-contracting more than the left with right FA ER and left pelvic floor more with left FA IR/ischiocondylar adductor. None the less the pelvic floor has to be working for successful adduction and abduction without arcuate ligament or pube pain.