Ep. 24 – Neal Hallinan CSCS, LMT, PRT

In this episode of the Postural Restoration Podcast we are joined by Neal Hallinan, CSCS, LMT, PRT who provides a unique understanding of the science of PRI, through his first hand experience as both a patient and Postural Restoration Trained (PRT) Provider. Neal’s career started in the field of Information Technology and through several life events and the pursuit of finding something he was truly passionate about, his path lead him to the study of movement. Throughout his early life Neal recalls a longstanding history of pain. His history included not only Hip Impingement, but also periods of plantar fasciitis, neck and back spasms, tinnitus, and general tensegrity across his joints. During a period of time spent living in Brazil, Neal first recognized the freedom of movement that many people living there expressed through dance. As his introduction and interest in this art of expression grew Neal spent considerable time learning the steps and sequences of various styles of dance and fell in love with the influences of rhythm, percussion and beat that were included.

Through his newly discovered interest in various forms of dancing, Neal recognized a relationship between his hip mobility and a decrease in his plantar fasciitis, and became curious to learn more. His interest in movement eventually led him to become an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. It was while reading an article on Eric Cressey’s Blog, that Neal was first exposed to the science of PRI. This discussion introduced Neal to the influence of respiration and breathing mechanics of which at the time he had never considered. Neal took his first Myokinematic Restoration course to better understand the relationship of "Lumbo-Pelvic-Femoral Pathomechanics" and first learned about the L AIC Pattern.

"This was it" Neal recalls. As he had finally found answers to the patterns and positions he had noticed over time in his own body. From there Neal started recognizing and studying the patterns as described and addressed through PRI coursework. Neal discusses the influences our everyday lives contribute to these patterns and how his job as a provider and trainer is to not only recognize where and why they exist, but also use the correct terminology in addressing these patterns with his clientele. Neal’s patient perspective and his own journey through pain and discomfort provide him a unique foundation for helping others. He recalls his own personal journey changing when he could fully appreciate grounding and true sensory integration for the first time and discusses how in today’s virtual world he tries to help his clients achieve the same level of sensory awareness through the use of PRI based principles and techniques.

Today Neal offers a variety of resources not only for his clients but for the PRI community as a whole. Through his website and training (pritrainer.com) or his broad YouTube Channel, hundreds of people searching for this science are provided with additional resources and information to guide them. Neal continues to instruct and remains active through various dance classes and instructing people primarily through Salsa based styles. Neal’s interest in Latin motion and so many other forms of rhythmic movement, provided a natural fit to this years 12th Annual Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium, focusing on movement disorders and Basal Ganglia Disease. Together with Ron Hruska, Neal walks us through some of the topics he will be presenting and how these concepts will tie into movement disorders as a whole through collaboration with fellow presenter Jennifer Smart.

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