Ep. 4 – Jennifer Poulin, PT, PRC

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Postural Restoration Podcast! In this episode, I am joined by Jennifer Poulin PT, PRC who graduated from the University of Vermont in Burlington and currently resides and practices in Pinehurst, NC. After several clinical opportunities which took Jen to New Orleans, followed by a short time in Tennessee, Jen had a desire to return home to Burlington. It was during this time that she encountered one of her first clinical mentors, Scott Sears who was one of the initial PRI supporters in Burlington. Following this opportunity Jen was introduced to yet another mentor in Jim Downs who would help lead Jen to the creation and foundation of Longtrail Physical Therapy. Jen worked as part owner of Longtrail PT for about 5 years in what she describes as a high volume clinical setting. It was during this time that Jen met her husband Chris, who was working on his Athletic Training hours under the Athletic Trainer employed by Longtrail at the time. Jen and Chris quickly grew their practice, not through a specific referral source but rather by focusing on the Student Athlete and General Public as a whole. This foundation and their focus on Sports Performance would continue to be the basis for their future growth!

While becoming increasingly frustrated from seeing 3-4 patients per hour, Jen found herself looking for more. While considering other routes of clinical care, Jen completed several Continuing Education courses in the hopes of adding some clinical knowledge to her skill set. Through another Physical Therapist, Lesli Bell, Jen was introduced to a Private Protonics course at the nearby "Timberlane Physical Therapy" clinic when she first met Ron Hruska. Michelin Carroll, a longtime supporter of our institute attended a Protonics course and played a Pivotal role in bringing Ron to Timberlane. Through meeting Leslie he would later return numerous times to this PRI hotbed. After the initial implementation of some of these concepts Jen and Chris felt compelled to open up their own practice, allowing them to spend more time with patients and incorporate other forms of patient care.

Through the creation of Poulin Performance, Jen and Chris were able to blend the best of both of their professional worlds under one roof. Poulin Performance would quickly become a successful Athletic Performance and Rehab Facility. Jen and Chris quickly began hosting PRI courses and their roles of providing Mentor-ship to many new employees and students followed. After becoming Postural Restoration Certified in 2005, Jen and her staff attended numerous courses. Following the completion of the Cervical Cranio-Mandibular course taught at Poulin Performance by Ron Hruska, Jen voiced her desire to help teach for the institute. Through further development and guidance Jen joined the PRI Faculty in 2010. Since then Jen and Chris have used the very same model and foundation they created in Vermont, and have started Sandhills Sports Performance after moving to Pinehurst, NC.

Sandhills Sports Performance welcomes many patients from the area, specifically a large number of Military families and Golfers. Jen continues to focus largely on mentor-ship and the development of her employees alongside the education of her patients to better their outcomes while incorporating Postural Restoration. Jen hopes to continue this passion while spreading their model to several new cities in the years to come!

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