Ep. 34 – Frank Mallon

In this episode of the Postural Restoration Podcast I am joined by Frank Mallon, PT, DPT, PRC. Frank grew up in the Philadelphia area and attended Physical Therapy school at Arcadia University. Although he has had many unique experiences in his home state he has remained there ever since. One of the biggest influences on his early career was the work of Shirley Sahrmann. In his first clinical setting, alongside one of his earliest mentors, Carl Mangion, they were able to implement these concepts with their patients and also share them in the university settings to others interested. Franks first years as a PT in this setting allowed him to explore other schools of thought that otherwise had not been introduced throughout his schooling.

Through this relationship, Frank was first introduced to PRI coursework and the science as a whole. In 2013 he took his first course, Pelvis Restoration, with Jennifer Poulin. After implementing what he had learned and seeing enough change within his patient population he knew additional coursework was merited. Over the next several years Frank attended many PRI courses, traveling from city to city to immerse himself more.

Two years from his first course exposure Frank achieved his Postural Restoration Certified (PRC) credential with the intent of providing a true form of PRI to his patients no matter what setting he may be in. Eventually finding himself directing various programs in the hospital setting he became more limited in the amount of freedom he had to incorporate all PRI aspects into his patient care. However overtime in this role he was able to introduce the science to his patients and other providers within this orthopedic hospital setting.

Like many within our community, Frank at one point needed integrative care for himself, and found himself seeking that out through the PRIME Program here in Lincoln. This experience solidified his desire to be able to offer similar services in his area of Philadelphia. Over time Frank began building an Integrative team of many varying professionals within the fields of dentistry, optometry, and other modalities to begin building a network of integrative care. This style of interdisciplinary care, would eventually lead him to start a private practice to be able to offer services and incorporate integrative care in a more meaningful way.

Frank has since built Renaissance Physical Therapy & Wellness into a practice that allows him to do just that. Incorporating PRI with every client and working closely with multiple disciplines to address dysfunctions across many systems as a holistic team. Renaissance Physical Therapy is available in 5 locations around the Philly metro, and beyond offering his clinical services, Frank stays very active in the community by educating others on the role they too can have as part of a team approach to neurological repatterning.

In this episode we discuss some of the challenges that providers may face when first learning to implement the science of Postural Restoration, and the effort it takes to build relationships with integrative professionals in your own community while appreciating the power of doing so. PRI communities are not formed over night and Franks journey is a testament to the commitment and dedication required to be able to offer a truly integrative approach to those in your own communities.


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