Ep 32. – Craig Depperschmidt

In this episode of the Postural Restoration Podcast I am joined by Craig Depperschmidt, DPT, PRC. Craig grew up in Loveland, CO and finished his degree in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  After spending a summer biking across the country, he headed to Flagstaff, Arizona, where he graduated with distinction from Northern Arizona University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  From an early age, due to an active lifestyle, Craig became aware how a restriction or injury in one area of his body effected his whole system, and through multiple sports and associated injuries he learned the value of an integrated approach. In 2011 Craig attended the Advanced Integration course and for the first time in over a decade, was able to run without pain through his feet, shins, and low back. Craig credits this moment in his personal and professional journey, to a single technique, the Standing Supported Wall Reach, which for the first time allowed him to feel the effects of respiration in the thorax throughout his lower extremities. From this point on he was hooked.

In 2010 the clinic Craig work for at the time hosted both the Postural Respiration and Myokinematic Restoration courses and this exposure provided a foundation for the rest of Craig’s PRI journey. One particular statement regarding the observations of a Left AIC pattern, pushed Craig to prove it within his own clinical setting, and from there his love for the PRI primary object tests was born. From these first two courses Craig has since aimed to perform the associated tests with every patient who came through his door. This A-B-A experimental design of performing the tests, followed by technique intervention and finally re-testing, became standard for Craig and is something he is still passionate about as a provider, mentor, and faculty member today.

Craig and I go on to discuss how he uses a PRI approach within his population of clientele, primarily consisting of endurance athletes and weekend warriors. Craig’s own experiences as a triathlete, endurance runner and cyclist allow him to connect with his patients on a personal level. We go on to discuss how to appropriately introduce the concepts of sensory integration and positional education within this population and some of the ways Craig helps his patients make sense of themselves, particularly in the environments and spaces that they may not train or perform in. Craig is also Bikefit trained and uses his passion and knowledge to integrate PRI into cycling.

Craig became a PRC provider in 2012 and through attending PRI courses met his current colleague Brian Benjamin, DPT, PRC. Brian and Craig would go on to create ProActive PT in Fort Collins, CO. Today they are surrounded by an integrative team with the opportunity to mentor not only those interested in PT schooling but also the general public through several yearly events within their community. Outside of his community in Fort Collins, Craig is excited to be joining the PRI Faculty and will begin teaching Myokinematic Restoration in 2023. These communities of PRI practitioners and mentorship from faculty and others, have allowed Craig to share his passions with others and we are so excited for him to be able to share them with all of you!


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