Ep 31. – Brad Gilden

In this episode of the Postural Restoration Podcast I am joined by Brad Gilden, who graduated with a Masters of Science from New York Medical College in 2000 and a Clinical Doctorate in upper quarter and hand therapy, from Drexel University in 2004. Since his schooling Brad has completed several certifications including the completion of  the Functional Manual Therapy training and Fellowship from the Institute of Physical Art (IPA), alongside many others. Early on in his career Brad knew he wanted more out of his role as a provider, than the 15 minutes he was being allotted per patient. This journey led him to multiple rehab settings dealing with both acute and chronic pain presentations, neurological disorders and amputees. This journey ultimately led Brad to start his private practice, Elite Health Services, in 2005. Allowing him to start incorporating more into his clinical practice working alongside Strength Trainers, Pilates Instructors and many other movement professionals as he built his model around this team approach.

 In 2010 he was introduced to Dr. Michael Gelb as a patient and felt the effects of dental integration first hand, for the first time. This experience opened Brads mind to the power of autonomic regulation via an oral appliance and he knew that many people patterns would be very challenging to dissociate without this missing piece of the puzzle. This experience opened the door to his conversations with dentists as a whole and his appreciation for their role. While realizing for the first time that dentists where not only open to collaboration with him in his role, but they were searching for it as well.

As both Brads integration with dentistry and his collaboration with Dr. Gelb grew, he was quickly surrounded by others searching for the same integration. This led him to Dr. Howard Hindin who together with Dr. Gelb, founded the American Academy of Physiologic Medicine and Dentistry (AAPMD). As their movement of collaboration together grew, Brad was given the opportunity to present at their second Annual Conference. Sharing the stage with people like Mariano Racobato, Roger Price, Jennifer Hobson, and Barry Raphael among many other well known speakers. It was after his presentation focused around the role of the diaphragm and its influence on the orofacial complex as a whole, that Heather Carr first introduced him to the work of Ron Hruska. Shortly after Brad took his first Postural Respiration course.

In 2016, Brad was given the opportunity to organize the PT Track of the Annual AAPMD conference and he knew that he needed to try and get both Ron and PRI as a whole involved. After a series of meetings Ron agreed to present for the first time as part of the 2017 collaboration cures convention. As a result of the series of courses and collaboration through PRI that Brad had completed, including mentorship alongside Ron working together in Manhattan, Brad became Postural Restoration Certified in 2020.

Brad and I discuss the history of our shared collaboration over the past several years. And specifically, his journey of integrating with the field of dentistry and the idea of “standing on the shoulder of giants, and passing their work onto the world”. To end our conversation Brad discusses how the evolution of the Physical Therapy track has grown, which this year will include Myofunctional Therapy and other therapists collaborating together in one place. Brad goes on to discuss this years AAPMD Collaboration Cures Convention on September 15-18th. For more information on this years meeting, the agenda and speaker line up, as well as a PT Track Discount I encourage you to visit the AAPMD Collaboration Cures page for more information.


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