Ep. 26 – Ruth Hennessy

In this episode of the Postural Restoration Podcast I am delighted to talk with Ruth Hennessy who has spent her career combining the studies of bodywork and movement with her classical education as a singing and voice coach. While growing up Ruth was exposed to many styles of singing but it was her mother, a professional opera singer who first introduced her to implementing yoga and other "bodywork" routines into her personal voice development. Since then Ruth has constantly experimented with various forms of movement techniques bridging the gap between the physical body and the auditory production of sound. Her career has led her to teach many professional singers of various backgrounds, as well as average individuals working on their own vocal production. Her experience has allowed her to share her teachings in various collegiate settings and most recently through "Hennessy Breath and Body" teachings and workshops.

Her history involves the study of numerous "bodywork" modalities some which are commonly known such as Yoga, Pilates, The Alexander Technique, and the Thompson Method, while others took her on journeys less traveled which she discusses during our conversation. Ruth considers herself a Polyglot (in the educational sense) and continues to search for others like her to learn from and collaborate with. Some of her closest Mentors include Kathy Thompson, Joan Lader, and Karen Coe who she partners with in NYC. The difference between  her and others around her is her ability to look at more then just the "little box" while including the structure and physiological function of what positions the voice box itself and helps guide its production of sound. Ruth has long incorporated the breath and breathing mechanics into her work and eventually this would overlap with the Concepts of PRI.

While looking for speakers for our annual interdisciplinary integration symposium in 2019 titled "Airway Oscillation: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Production of Voice, Airflow, and Resonance Frequency Breathing" Ron was led to Ruth and quickly saw her passion for an integrated approach. While looking into her work, Ron noticed Ruth’s use of balloons on her website during her workshop and knew he wanted to learn more.  This relationship has since led not only to her presentation during the 2019 symposium but to integrating this these concepts side by side with Ron and her singers in NYC and through virtual consults.

Because of their time together, these workshops, and their shared clients over the past few years, Ron’s interest and research in the study of voice production has led to our new upcoming course tiltled "Voicebox Resonation, An Integrated Approach in the Management of Hypopharyngeal Dysfunction". Ron joins us to discuss how their time together and Ruths work as a whole have influenced his thoughts regarding this material and what this course will take into consideration. He is excited to discuss topics like neural entrainment, re-patterning, and an introceptive perception of the voice through body language, and will be discussing the voicebox from a "Pressure box" perspective. Visit Hennessy Breath and Bodywork for more information about Ruth or our website to join us for Voicebox Resonation!

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