Ep. 20 – Michael Mullin

In the 20th episode of the Postural Restoration Podcast I am joined by Michael Mullin to discuss his journey of applying the science of Postural Restoration concepts over the course of nearly two decades. Michael currently practices as a clinical Athletic Trainer through Integrative Rehab Training LLC and Back Cove Personal Fitness in Portland Maine. Michael has been involved in various sport settings from early on in his career which eventually led him to use this experience in a more clinical setting while integrating multiple methods of rehabilitation strategies into one model. In this episode Michael discusses some of the differences associated with the management of a wide-ranging client base, and how he relies on various strategies to meet each client at their individual level. Although each of these individual clients are unique in their own compensation patterns and movement dysfunction, we discuss how many of them can be addressed the same through the lens of respiration by setting a strong foundation through the appreciation of breathing mechanics.

Michael discusses his early interest in education and seeking answers to questions that at the time were not being addressed. After discovering Ron Hruska’s work through an article titled “Hamstring injuries require triplanar assessment” he took his first PRI course in 2002 and began searching for other like-minded clinicians willing to ask and seek answers to some of these same questions. Through his course history with the institute Michael continued to grow along side it while discovering others who also shared his passion for integration and continued education. Michael became Postural Restoration Certified as part of the 2011 class, in which there are now over 200 certified clinicians throughout the world.

Since then Michael has built his practice of Integrative Rehab Training LLC offering his skillset to a wide-ranging clientele. Michael has worked with all ends of the human spectrum, including dancers, skiers, singers, and all levels of athletes with various other sports. Throughout the various settings in his career, Michael has had the opportunity to host several PRI courses and continues to integrate with multiple organizations and models. He has furthered his knowledge and understanding of his truly integrative approach through these opportunities and through teaching these concepts to others. He has consulted and spoken through various professional organizations including many national and international Perform Better summits, private in services and on a daily basis with his clients. Michael is passionate about sharing his experiences with others as he aims to help them avoid any mistakes he himself has learned from throughout his career. This passion has continued to inspire others and has even led to his son Mitchell earning his own degree in Athletic Training as he hopes to continue to grow and practice alongside his dad.

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