Ep. 11 – Robert Skip George

In the 11th episode of the Postural Restoration Podcast, I am joined by Dr. Robert “Skip” George, DC, CSCS, CCSP, PRC who represents our only Chiropractic Physician part of the PRI Faculty. Skip grew up and spent his formidable years in 1970’s Los Angeles. Growing up in Hollywood introduced Skip to a vast array of settings and relationships. From a young age Skip fell in love with the sport of Down Hill Skiing and spent many days on the downhill runs of the Sierra Nevada’s. In fact, Skip would later go on to attend his collegiate years in Lake Tahoe at Sierra Nevada University. Following his time in school Skip returned home and found himself working at a near by Airport driving a fuel truck. Although unforeseen, at this time he thought his future would be in flying.
It wasn’t until working at a local health club known as “Vince’s Gym” and being mentored by “Dr. T” that Skip was introduced to the field of Chiropractic. Skip returned to the Hollywood scene and spent a while working with “Dr. T” in his Universal Studios clinic. It was there that Skip learned about patient care and what this setting was truly like. After receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Skip quickly incorporated many forms of treatment into his approach, Studying Landa, Palmer and other Prague based techniques he quickly grew his career.

For the greater part of that journey, Skip has resided in La Jolla, California and now operates out of his private clinic, “La Jolla Sport and Spine”. Skip has longed shared space in this setting with his “building partner” John Swain who is also a Licensed massage therapist and strength coach. It was John who first introduced Skip to PRI over a lunch shared with Dr. Craig Liebenson at an annual chiropractic convention. Skip attended his first course with James Anderson, and was called out immediately on day one for being late! Skip returned back to his clinic and was again greeted by James via the Myokinematic Home Study that his building partner John was watching at the time. He couldn’t escape!

Skip quickly began implementing PRI into his approach and immediately found it to work perfectly within his other forms of treatment and in unison with manual intervention when needed. In 2014 Skip became the first Chiropractic Doctor to receive his PRC credential. Following this involvement and his passion for this science Skip was asked to join the PRI Faculty and taught his first course in 2016. Skip currently teaches Postural Respiration and Cervical Revolution, and we look forward to working with him and other Chiropractors across the country in growing our involvement and integration with the field.

Skip is an avid skier, gardener and most recently author as he has published many articles and discussions about the integration of PRI within the Chiropractic field for publications such as “Dynamic Chiropractic”. He has presented with groups such as the American Chiropractic Association Rehab Council and many others, and continues to be a mentor to many others learning the science of PRI.

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