Ep. 6 – Dan Houglum, ATC, MSPT, PRC

In the Sixth Episode of the Postural Restoration Podcast I am welcomed by Dan Houglum, ATC, MSPT, PRC. Dan is an Athletic Training graduate of South Dakota State University, and furthered his pursuit of Physical Therapy at Des Moines University receiving his Masters in 1999. Dan was first introduced to Ron during his clinical rotation at St. Elizabeth’s outpatient PT department in Lincoln. Although he knew Ron’s technique was unique, it wasn’t until later attending a one day Protonics course in Chicago that Dan would start his journey of learning more about this approach. 

Dan’s knowledge of Athletic Training and the biomechanics behind human movement provide a solid foundation in his clinical skillset. Dan’s orthopedic background in various hospital settings and outpatient clinics, strengthen his ability to focus on the structure and function of lower extremity kinematics as he presents Myokinematic Restoration each year. Dan has Authored various articles, most recently including “Hruska Abduction and Adduction Lift Tests as Related To the Gait Cycle” and “Hruska ADDuction and ABDuction Lift Tests Related to PRI Reference Centers”. 

Dan was a member of the PRC class of 2012, and became PRI Faculty in 2016. He currently practices in Wilmette, IL and owns and operates Houglum Physical Therapy in a shared space with PRC Donna Parise-Bryne and her Pilates Central Studio. Dan currently teaches Myokinematic Restoration and will begin training to teach Postural Respiration in 2020!

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