Chad Beckman, CSCS, PRT

How did you become interested in PRI® and when did you attend your first course?

I became interested in PRI after working at the University of Nebraska as an Intern-Assistant Football Strength Coach from 2002-2008.  We incorporated repositioning exercises into the lifting warm-up.  In 2011 I tore my right ACL and from other damage in my knee had an OATS procedure done on my lateral femoral condyle.  Toward the end of my rehab, I was still having difficulty during basic activities like going up and down stairs, stepping off a curb, getting in and out of my car, trying to jog was painful, just an overall feeling of something not being quite right with how my knee was functioning in general.  I made an appointment with the Hruska Clinic not really knowing what to expect, or how they could even help me.  Dave Drummer was my PT, and the inability for my body to perform certain tasks was a HUGE eye opener for me.  The difference I felt in my mechanics was immediately noticeable and was hooked.  I knew this was something I needed to learn for myself to incorporate with my background in strength and conditioning.  While I was a patient I started looking into the credentialing process of becoming a PRT.  I started by taking the Myokinematic Restoration home study, and then the Postural Respiration home study.  While I was going through that process I started personal training at Aspen Athletic Club, which now is Gold’s Gym here in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I had roughly 30-35 clients before I became a PRT, and now I range from 60 to 75 clients.  I have been applying PRI concepts into my exercises for three years now and I am becoming more integrative with every client.  I really cannot stress enough how big of a resource it is having the Postural Restoration Institute and the Hruska Clinic right down the street from the gym where I personal train.   

What is your typical client population and how are you incorporating Postural Restoration™ into your client’s programs?

My client population ranges from 12-88 years of age, with most of my clients ranging from 45-75 years of age.  I try to incorporate as many standing/upright activities as I can while establishing correct reference centers on EVERY exercise.  I do a lot of single arm and single leg alternation and reciprocal movement exercises. 

What is the response that you receive from your athletes and clients regarding your designation of PRT™ and incorporating PRI® principals into their work-outs?

When I first meet with a possible new client, normally they have an issue ranging from low back pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, patella tendonitis, IT band syndrome, hip flexor hyperactivity, shoulder impingement, or a hyperactive neck just to name a few.  I simply start by going through my algorithm of tests to show the person what limitation is causing the discomfort and then show them a repositioning exercise to improve, or limit the ROM I am looking for.  The response is tremendously great!  When you can take some ones pain away through a more functional way of moving, they are very appreciative! 

What would you say to others in your profession who are considering taking a PRI class or becoming Postural Restoration Trained™?

What are you waiting for!  If your passion is working with other people in improve their life style, then PRI is the foundation you MUST have!

Who have has been a mentor(s) on your PRI journey and how do you go about mentoring others in your profession?

I use Dave Drummer as key resource.  Any clinician at the Hruska Clinic is very helpful.  Ryan Hruska is a good friend of mine I use as a resource also.  Ron has been great!  He has taught most of the courses I have taken.  The Hruska Clinic does a great job of showing local personal trainer little tips on how to do certain exercises better.  I teach my fellow trainers at the gym and I know they learn a lot from me by watching the exercise I do and knowing the importance of why I do certain exercises the way I do. 

How has PRI been accepted within the company that you work for and what other advice would you give to fitness professionals that want to incorporate PRI into a chain fitness organization?

PRI has been greatly accepted!  You simply cannot deny the results!  And from a business stand point when you can show immediate results it’s always great for business!

In your profession what course has been the most influential in your development as a professional?

The Pelvis Restoration course really brought the Myokinematic Restoration and Postural Respiration courses together for me.  I use a lot of the Impingement & Instability course references quite a bit.  Since recently taking a Vision course with Ron and Heidi, I have learned to transition from finding and feeling a reference into functionally using that reference to guide and control the movement of the body forward. 


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