Athletic Performance

Breathing Patterns and Performance
Steve Cuddy, MPT, PRC

Why You Need to be Able to Squat
Steve Cuddy, PT, PRC

Off-Season: Balanced Regeneration Series #1 Identifying Imbalances in Athletes Can They Achieve AF IR on the Left Hip?
Lisa Bartles, DPT, PRC

Postural Restoration Application for Strength and Conditioning Coaches
Ron Hruska, MPA, PT & Mike Arthur, CSCS

Effects of Two Different Recovery Postures during High-Intensity Interval Training
Joana V. Michaelson, Lorrie R. Brilla, David N. Suprak, Wren L. McLaughlin, and Dylan T. Dahlquist

Thoracic Mobility and Athletic Performance
Ryan DiPanfilo, ATC/L, CSCS, Steven Candelaria, CSCS, RSCC, Daniel Fifer, CSCS, Michael Locasto, CSCS, RSCC, Derek Somerville, CSCS, Matthew Tenney, CSCS, RSCC, and Nate Shaw, CSCS, RSCC