Taichi Oshita, CSCS, Acupuncturist, PRP

Taichi grew up in Hiroshima and currently practices in Tokyo with Track and Field teams among others and in Kyoto at Clinical Laboratory R³. He completed his Bachelor of Sports Science degree from Waseda University in 2012 and He got license of Acupuncturist in 2015. He began his career in the Teikyo University, Institute of Sports Science and Medicine and supported athletes in various sports there for 9 years. In 2023, Taichi earned the designation of Postural Restoration Provider (PRP) and started teaching the Myokinematic Restoration course at the end of 2023.

Taichi is interested in comprehensively supporting the human body, which is a complex system, and enjoys teaching the clinical concept of Postural Restoration, which considers people from various perspectives. This is his “Ikigai”!

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