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Blog Posts in 2016

Jennifer Bullock, PT, OCS, PRC was the first speaker Ron invited to speak at this year’s symposium, after he learned of her personal and clinical experience with sensory and auditory processing disorders. As Jennifer will discuss in her presentation, she personally has been diagnosed with auditory processing disorder, and she has also two children that are affected by auditory processing disorder and sensory processing disorder.  Her presentation title is “Do You Hear What I Hear? A Personal Experience with Sensory and Auditory Processing Disorder.”  

Jennifer graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy in 1992. She is currently enrolled at Texas Women’s University completing the transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy program. Jennifer is employed at Texas Health in Allen, TX in the outpatient PT department, where she works with a variety of neurological, orthopedic, and lymphatic diagnoses. Jennifer is an Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS), Postural Restoration Certified (PRC) and Lymphatic Certified. She is also a trained provider for The Listening Program® (TLP), a music listening method, personalized to improve brain fitness at any age or level of ability.

Jennifer’s presentation will focus on how Sensory Processing Disorder and Auditory Processing Disorder effect the ability for the human body to organize stimulus. When organization of incoming stimulus is decreased, then resulting limitations occur in the body such as decreased ROM and neuromuscular strength. Strategies to help the body organize incoming stimulus will be presented by the use of hearing and music and therefore promote improved organization and neuromuscular control. 

This year's Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium will be held at our new PRI Headquarters (as we are nearing completion of construction of our brand new 5500 sq ft space and scheduled to move in on April 1st)! To receive the early tuition rate of $465.00 you must register by March 18th. CLICK HERE for more information and to register online!

Posted March 11, 2016 at 10:52AM
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We are excited to have Rachel Loveless, Au.D., CCC-A at our 8th Annual Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium speaking on Auditory Processing Disorders. Her presentation title is “A Cognitive Framework for Auditory Processing Disorders”.

Rachel is a clinical audiologist at Boystown National Research Hospital in Omaha, NE. She completed her Doctor of Audiology at the University of South Dakota in 2010 and completed her externship year at the Ear, Head, and Neck Institute in Minneapolis, MN. She was one of five national winners of the Research Forum Award through the American Academy of Audiology for her research in professional knowledge of pediatric genetics. She began working at Boystown National Research Hospital in the summer of 2010, where she continues to specialize in central auditory processing disorders, pediatric and adult diagnostics, pediatric and adult hearing aid fitting, and vestibular testing and treatments.

Rachel’s presentation will explore the cognitive framework of Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD). It will cover the basics of central auditory processing disorders, including defining characteristics, types of CAPD, assessment, and treatment. This will be covered by relating back to basic neuroscience of auditory processing and information processing in the brain.  Application will not only apply to those working in a clinical setting, but also those in non-clinical settings to recognize signs of CAPD with clients or athletes.

This year's Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium will be held at our new PRI Headquarters (as we are nearing completion of construction of our brand new 5500 sq ft space and scheduled to move in on April 1st)! To receive the early tuition rate of $465.00 you must register by March 18th. CLICK HERE for more information and to register online!

Posted March 8, 2016 at 1:27PM
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We recently recorded a video showing the effects that sound changing earbuds, a tone generator and a pitch changer can have on posture and PRI objective tests. All of these topics will be covered in 8th Annual Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium Sound Effects on Posture: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Enhance Sensory Processing. If you are interested in attending the symposium, don't wait to sign up! The early registration rate of $465.00 ends on March March 18th. CLICK HERE to register!

Teaser (4 min)

Full Unedited Video

Posted March 7, 2016 at 8:49AM
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Many thanks to Lori Strobl, Shawn Van Decker and the Bon Secours Physical Therapy department for allowing us to use their gorgeous facility where we enjoyed a beautiful weekend learning the science of Pelvis Restoration. We learned about four quadrants of the inlet and the outlet of the pelvis, how to use our objective tests to engage in an efficient inhibition and facilitation treatment algorithm for the pelvis. I enjoyed the discussion about teaching clients how to go beyond neutral into frontal plane control of a pelvis stance and bounce between left and right stance. From new PRI folks to seasoned vets of the PRI paradigm, we had a good dialogue and a first rate course attendance. Virginia truly is for lovers--what a loving group that made this weekend a joy to be a part of!  Thanks again to each! 

Posted March 3, 2016 at 10:22AM
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Leap year weekend outside Kansas City, KS sponsored by Blue Valley Physical Therapy was a big leap for me as I “soloed” to teach Postural Restoration on my own for the first time! The location and participants could not have been more interested and engaged! Physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning experts, and two eager P.T. students from St. Mary’s locally and two eager chiropractic students from nearby Logan Chiropractic School were in attendance.  The weekend was high energy and the feedback was extremely positive from attendees that were new to PRI and want to continue on as well as return attendees who are deepening their understanding of PRI principles!  In addition, each P.T. and D.C. student came loaded with curiosity and intelligent questions!

Posted March 2, 2016 at 10:02AM
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A big shout out to Water Sports and Physical Therapy for hosting Pelvis Restoration this past weekend in San Diego, CA.    The 40 plus course attendees dove into the complexity of what we all know as AFIR (IPIR) and AFER (IPER).   I feel they gained an understanding that if we don’t have tri-planar control of a pelvis we won’t have control of a femur or a thorax.  We really hit inhibition of the inlet and outlet to assist with clinical outcomes.   I had the awesome help of lab assistants Caleb Chiu, CSCS, PRT and Skip George, DC, PRC.  Although I wasn’t able to run along the ocean this trip (it was dark going to work and coming back), it gave me great joy to assist these practitioners on their PRI journey with 17 attendees being newbies! 

Posted February 29, 2016 at 4:55PM
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Dave Drummer, PRC, therapist at The Hruska Clinic shows a unqiue way to improve balloon blowing technique for those people who struggle to find the power to get air into the balloon. This technique, that originated at the Hruska Clinic, is taught as a core exercise through the Postural Restoration Institute and has been adapted and utilized to assist in treating anyone from the geriatric population to college athletics and professional sports teams.  Click HERE to see the video.

Posted February 26, 2016 at 10:54AM
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I kicked off my 2016 teaching schedule not too far from home!  This was a real treat for me to teach in my home state of NC.  Joe, Mark, Jessica and Kerry from Architech Sports were awesome hosts.  I enjoyed teaching the concepts of AF and FA as it relates to pattern human asymmetry during upright gait.  I had diverse group of clinicians that all were excited to learn all about the fundamentals of PRI.  I even got to experience my own parasympathetics reading Dr. Seuss to my niece in the evening!!  

Posted February 23, 2016 at 9:54AM
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I recently had the chance to sit down with Ron and talk about this year’s Interdisciplinary Integration: Sound Effects on Posture: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Enhance Sensory Processing. If you have any questions about what will and won’t be discussed, feel free to contact me HERE.

Posted February 17, 2016 at 2:31PM
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First Call Home Health knows how to host a course! Mike Cantrell and I really enjoyed presenting the Cervical Revolution course material in their beautiful building and to their staff of both OTs and PTs who have taken many PRI courses in the past.  I honestly enjoyed receiving questions from attendees who do so much with the geriatric population and integrating cervical-cranial PRI concepts with all the attendees, and a dentist as they relate to all ages and many different patients and symptoms and diagnoses.  I met some great people that I hope to meet again and will not forget how warm of a reception and the rewarding response Mike and I received.

Posted February 16, 2016 at 4:11PM
Categories: Courses
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