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Blog Posts in September 2015

Can you say left femoral adduction, outlet abduction, inlet adduction coupled with right femoral abduction, outlet adduction, and inlet abduction three times fast?  Canton, CT was all about the frontal plane this past weekend.    I emphasized the importance of frontal mechanics at the pelvis to integrated transverse plane at the thorax.  The participants understood once tri-planar motion occurs synchronization of the respiratory and pelvic diaphragms happens.  The course attendees were attentive, inquisitive, and dynamic.  We had a great weekend.  Many thanks to Paula Webster and the Canton Physical Therapy crew for hosting and Michael Mullin for lab assisting.  You were fabulous!!! 

Posted September 4, 2015 at 8:30AM
Categories: Courses

Congratulations to Carrie Langer and Karen Jiran on the 10 year anniversary of opening Kinetic Physical Therapy Institute. Kinetic was the first Postural Restoration Center in Minnesota. Over the years they have become leaders in the field of physical therapy.  Through their dedication and hard work they have continued to apply PRI principles and are always challenging themselves to think outside the box. They have mentored many colleagues, students, physicians, and trainers to learn about PRI concepts. 

The Kinetic staff wants to thank you for helping us to become better clinicians and provide us with the guidance to problem solve and provide quality care for our patients. We appreciate all that you two do for us!

Thank you!

-the staff at Kinetic Physical Therapy Institute

Posted September 2, 2015 at 8:09AM
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