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Blog Posts in August 2016

This weekend, James and I traveled outside of Dallas to teach the PRI Fitness and Movement course for the 5th time. Thank you to Trey, Charles, and Jonathon for their gracious hospitality and welcoming us into the awesome EXOS facility in Frisco, Texas. It is exciting to be apart of the evolution of the PRI Fitness & Movement course. It continues to come together and surpass people’s expectations. I am so grateful for those that shared their appreciation and thoughts with me after course. We are receiving very positive feedback from both PRCs, experienced PRI practitioners, as well as from the attendees who are new to the PRI science. The course does deliver a lot of content, so much so, we’ve had two attendees repeating the course for the second time already this year! Another 2 this weekend told me that the material blew their mind, and they can’t wait to take it again next year! I think this is great. Each time we take a PRI course we learn more application of PRI and fine tune our understanding of a complex and integrated science. This course brings us back to the basics and reminds us how powerful getting really good with the basics can be! I do believe this is one of those courses you can and should repeat to enhance your understanding, as well as find inspiration and new stuff to integrate!

 For this review I thought readers may be more interested in hearing from actual participants:

Josh Ogden, Collegiate Athletic Training: “First of all, I want to thank you for putting together a great course and an excellent presentation this past weekend. In athletic training, at least in my setting, we don’t usually deal in either pure rehabilitation cases or pure performance settings, but in bridging the gap between those two domains.  Your course this past weekend was excellent for me because it really helped me see how to integrate all of the information and techniques I’ve learned in all of my previous PRI courses and immediately apply it in the athletic training room to transition my rehab cases into more functional, sport performance work.  Prior to this, the patterns, repositioning techniques, etc. all made perfect sense to me, but I had no clue how to get my patients up off of the table and into more performance based rehabilitation; by Sunday afternoon, I was already redesigning programs based on what I learned this weekend and was able to immediately apply the course on Monday morning.  This course makes the others all make sense and is seamlessly integrable with all of the techniques I was already doing. After one day with the changes I implemented this past Monday after the course, the only patient I’ve got in town right now sent me a text as soon as he woke up today asking for an off or light day because he was so sore in the muscle groups we’d targeted.”

John Glenn, Personal Training Fitness: “What a great course!!!! You have done a great job putting this together. I really appreciate how open and honest you were telling about your past experiences, success and "failures". I am going to pursue the study of PRI, this was my first course.”

Navin Hettiarachchi, Professional Athletics: “Thank you very much for a great seminar! First seminar was good, but this one was Great!! This time around the content and the presentation was taken to another level. I loved it!!“

James Anderson – Professional PRI extraordinaire: “I have really enjoyed the evolution of the PRI Integration for Fitness and Movement course, with Julie getting better each time she has the opportunity to present. Her confidence levels are high, and I consistently hear people experienced and even certified in PRI say that her presentation expanded their overall view of thoracic movement dynamics, tri-planer ground-based performance, and integrated movement sequence. They say this material has really helped to bridge the gap between PRI sidelying rehab programs that they would like to get up into standing and having success with dynamic standing training techniques. Well done Julie!”

Thanks Guys! I am definitely looking forward to teaching our remaining courses for 2016 – Boston next month (which is already sold out) and Phoenix in November. If you have any interest in going, don't hesitate to sign up! You won't be disappointed! Hope to see you there! 

Posted August 15, 2016 at 10:53AM
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Hear about the Hruska Clinic Mentorship program from our most recent guests, Takuto Kondo and Kan Sugiyama, from Japan.

Click here.

Posted August 15, 2016 at 8:59AM

Seattle!  The weather was cool and the skies were clear!   The exploration of higher-level PRI concepts began in earnest and in spite of my "wandering" teaching style in this particular class, the group was able to put together some pretty complex principles.  Starting with calcaneal stability and traversing through the myriad of femoral-patellar presentations, we crossed into the mysterious "transition zone" called the pelvis as we moved into the realm of ribcage and scapular instability. We connected dots from the heel to the head and explored the matrix of humeral-glenoid and even ulnar-humeral mechanics.  We tied together mechanisms of intervention for the neck by starting at the foot as we controlled the foot with the thorax.  It was a fun weekend all the way around!  I hope that someday I will get to return to Seattle and ATI PT formerly known as Olympic Physical Therapy 

Posted August 11, 2016 at 8:47AM

Can I use PRI materials when presenting an inservice, on my blog, or in an article, etc? This is a question that we are asked nearly every week.

All techniques, materials, and content created by the Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI) its employees and staff, and displayed or presented in any manner or format including but not limited to manuals, brochures, electronic presentations, CDs and DVDs, photographs, and web sites, are the proprietary intellectual property of Postural Restoration Institute, LLC and its founder Ron Hruska.  This content is protected by the copyright laws of the United States and by the 172 countries who are a signatory to the Berne Convention which established and provides copyright protection globally. 

This content may not be duplicated, published, displayed, or otherwise communicated or distributed in any country and in any language, without prior written permission from the Postural Restoration Institute, LLC.  

Permission to use this content can be obtained by contacting the Postural Restoration Institute, LLC. Permission requests are reviewed in a timely manner and in most cases, there is no fee for obtaining permission to use PRI content. Permission inquiries can be submitted using our new online PRI Copyright Permission Request Form.

The non-manual techniques provided in your appendix are intended for use with patients or clients and may be photocopied and distributed without written permission. Be sure to use the techniques without modification while including the copyright information found on the bottom of the page. Modification of any technique is prohibited. Digital copies of all PRI non-manual techniques are available on CD and can be purchased via our website.

For more information about correct use of PRI Copyrighted Materials and FAQ's, please read our "PRI Guide to Use of Copyrighted Materials".

Posted August 1, 2016 at 9:11AM
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