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Blog Posts in July 2016

Australia never ceases to fail us!  The Postural Respiration class had originally less than 20 enrolled as we began Myokinematics a week ago, but the Aussies rallied and swelled the class to more than 30 by the time we started just this past weekend!  On the Australian seal is the Kangaroo and the Emu; there because they never back up.  Always moving forward like the science of PRI the Aussies showed a profound interest in this "flagship" PRI course.  The labs were excellent with the help of my host Jason Thomson, the owner of Impact Health Studio. He and his wife Emma decided to take on the challenge of hosting both the Myokinematics and Postural Respiration courses thus bringing PRI to Australia for the first time ever!   Watch as Australia explodes with knowledge bombs and the land down under will become a hot bed of PRI!!   Thanks Jason and Emma!

Posted July 28, 2016 at 10:33AM

I had a great weekend with the crew at DC Fitness in Los Angeles presenting the new and updated version of our Myokinematic Restoration course. The majority of the group was new to PRI and could not have known enough about our institute's evolution to realize how great the updated course content and course flow really was. But some of the more experienced PRI people in the group, like my capable assistants, Matt Uohara, MS, CSCS, FRCms, PRT and Skip George, DC, PRC, thought it was a fresh, clean and very understandable approach to Myokin assessment and to successfully advancing Myokin treatment progressions.

California was a great place to roll out the new Myokinematic Restoration course because their audiences are typically reflective of the up and coming PRI audiences we are seeing across the country. 15+ years ago, the majority of course attendees were physical therapists, and courses were being held in smaller locations in the midwest or around different growing hubs of PRI activity in a few select parts of the country. We've now grown into larger markets in all parts of the United States (and across the world) and our courses will commonly include a much wider variety of rehab, movement and healthcare professionals. This includes physicians, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, personal trainers, and movement enthusiasts from just about every background.

Because the group included so many movement and performance specialists, it was great to take our PRI analysis of gait into a discussion of the necessary ingredients of both loading and exploding when we train explosive movement. We talked about properly loading the stance phase of the gait cycle with AFIR so proper exploding and performance can occur during the late stance phase of the gait cycle with AFER. As expected, we were very specific about which side of the body needed which missing element of the gait cycle and then concurrently put a plan together to correct what both sides of the body needed. All of this was discussed in context with the Hruska Adduction and Abduction Lift Tests and what the results of these tests tell us. These tests were the foundation of the clinical decision making process we used to guide treatment progression. We used the test scores to help direct treatment up into supported standing, unsupported standing, integrated standing when needed and then to alternating reciprocal standing activities. Everyone did a great job with treatment progressions and had a lot of confidence with the material, including standing progression and standing integration by the time we were done. Well done everyone.

Posted July 28, 2016 at 8:53AM

Teaching at Northeastern University a course on cervical influences on the body and cranium was so gratifying for so many reasons. It was our 6th course at this host site and after I experienced the warm hospitality and support it probably will not be the last. These people allowed me to get through the course objectives, which many of you know it is difficult because of my love for tangicial speech, and provide historical relationships between osteopathy and PRI concepts. Jen – you have made my job  easier because of your hospitality and administrative mission to distribute and receive all pertinent articles and items that the Institute needs. I love teaching this course, but each course has its own  personality and the attendees from the Northeast part of the USA, and Israel, the students, the nurse with her CSCS, and the dentist who works with athletes, all now have one thing in common; respect for the temporal rotation and sphenoid greater wing height. Dr. Portnoy thank you for all your contributions and your participation. It helped so much!  Boston’s knowledge and application of PRI principles is growing because of the staff at Northeastern University and people like Donna Behr, and Sean Fitzgerald who had assisted and work so hard as PRCs to endorse this Institute!

Posted July 18, 2016 at 10:43AM
Categories: Courses

Australia!!  The land "down under".  PRI is intercontinental once again.  Europe, Asia and now Australia.   Hosted by Jason Thomson and his wife Emma, I traveled to Newcastle about two hours north of Sydney and the adventure began.  I spent the weekend teaching Myokinematics to a group of 28 clinicians.  On hand at the class was Steve Hewitt DC and he is no stranger to PRI.  I met Steve in in NY recently at a Cervical Revolution course.  Also there was Craig Ambler and Mark Barclay.  Both of these gentleman are top notch and were excited to be there.  Impact Health Studio is a fantastic facility in which Jason and Emma train athletes and even mothers in their "Mums Empowered" program.  Emma Thomson is an accomplished author with an exciting story to tell about life and achievement.  Her book "Happiness, Health and Freedom" should be a must read for all young ladies.  Special thanks to Jason and Emma for rolling out the red carpet for my daughter Sophia and me. 

Sophia is with me presently as we head to Sydney for some vacation time this week.  Then, we will return to Newcastle and i will teach the next class!  Yes!  Postural Respiration happens this coming weekend!   More on how it goes later so stay tuned!!...

Posted July 18, 2016 at 9:24AM

RJ, Hannah and I traveled this past week to a steamy New Orleans, LA for the NSCA National Convention Conference. The conference was filled with CPTs ,CSCSs and ATCs stopping by to learn more about the Institute and the different courses we have. Many were interested in our new PRI Integration for Fitness and Movement course as a large majority of them work with sport teams or do gym/group training. Next year we will be heading to Houston for the NATA National Convention and Las Vegas for the NSCA National Conference.

Posted July 12, 2016 at 11:59AM

PRI Integration for the Home is updated and expanded.

Nearly 40 new techniques have been added to the existing 75 techniques available in our flagship affiliate course PRI Integration for the Home. This course continues to focus on successful PRI integration for geriatric, chronic pain and frail patients in home, inpatient and also outpatient settings. Highlights include gait integration via new hamstring specific, adductor specific, glute medius specific and glute max specific standing resisted techniques. They also include new right serratus anterior, left serratus/left low trap and right low trap techniques that unlock torsional thoracic patterns to restore upper half gait mechanics and functional balance to the geriatric athlete. 

It was a pleasure to return to Nebraska to collaborate with our superstar Home Integration model Irene, who's beautiful smile makes balanced gait and reciprocal activity seem effortless. Thanks for being so patient with our tedious photo shoot and all our weird requests. But mostly I'd like to thank you for your kind hospitality and your willingness to host us once again as we work to find better ways to deliver successful rehab outcomes to this awesome patient population.

Come and experience the updated Home Integration course during one of our 3 remaining offerings this year: Salem, Oregon on August 21-22, Seattle, Washington on October 15-16 and Warner Robbins, Georgia on October 29-30.

Posted July 11, 2016 at 9:42AM
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