Monterey, CA (Postural Respiration) – Three great days on the Monterey Peninsula.  Provided staff training at the Pebble Beach Golf Academy on Friday followed by the Postural Respiration course in Monterey on Saturday and Sunday.  A big thank you to Julie Blandin, PT, PRC for all the work she does to promote PRI in California.  She is a West Coast pioneer that has overcome a wide variety of obstacles to help advance PRI to a new and very interested audience. Way to go Julie! –James Anderson

Bath, ME (Postural Respiration) – This past weekend in Maine was one of the better Postural Respiration classes I have taught. We had lots of time for progression of non-manual techniques and the entire class was enthusiastic and switched-on! –Mike Cantrell

Wilmette, IL (Myokinematic Restoration) – Had a great weekend in the Windy City teaching Myokinematic Restoration of the hip and pelvis to a diverse group of professionals! It is exciting to see the science of PRI reaching out to other disciplines! Donna is a wonderful host and her staff of Pilates and Yoga instructors energy was infectious!  It is always great to see new clinicians reactions to the power of respiration and the connection to the pelvis.  I remember my first impression of Ron’s work and I am humbled to share it with others! I cant wait to teach again! -Jen Poulin