Weekend In Review!

Portland, OR (Postural Respiration) – Had a fantastic weekend in Portland talking breathing and neurology with Emily, Tina and company at Shine Yoga. Besides an awesome group of yoga professionals, we were blessed with a strong combination of physical therapists, chiropractors, strength and conditioning professionals and pilates instructors. It was great to have two staff members from the University of Oregon and two performance professionals from Nike. Go Ducks! Thank you Emily, not only for being such a great host, but for all the extra time you took with me to go over the PRI integration for Yoga course material. So exciting! You're doing a fantastic job expanding PRI's influence in the great Northwest. And lastly, thank you Chris for the great seats to the Trailblazers Timberwolves game. I had a ball and couldn't have asked for better seats. #ripcity – James Anderson

Frederick, MD (Pelvis Restoration) – Maryland had wonderful weather this past weekend despite 19 inches of snow the prior weekend.  Despite the 58 to 60 degree temperatures, practitioners in the area stayed inside to learn Pelvis Restoration.  Twelve attendees were attending their first PRI course!  I felt the concept of inhibition was really brought home this past weekend, especially of the left anterior inlet to allow for integration not only of the pelvic and respiratory diaphragm, but frontal plane of the left innominate.  It’s humbling teaching many wonderful practitioners and satisfying when they have “light bulb moments.”  Worth the trip!!!  Thank you so much Maryland Sports and Rehab and Erin and Chris Roosa. – Lori Thomsen