Weekend Course In Review

Despite some travel delays due to the crazy weather across the country this past week, we had a great weekend of courses!

Myokinematic Restoration (Portland, OR) – “Enjoyed a great course in Portland with a nice mix of athletic trainers, strength and conditioning professionals, massage therapists, personal fitness professionals, yoga instructors and physical therapists.  A big thanks to Jimmy Southard of the Seattle Mariners for encouraging such a large group from his organization and to the girls in the back row who made such a great contribution to the course, even though they were initially intimidated by their lack of degrees and certifications.  Your interest and passion in learning was felt and appreciated by us all.” – James Anderson

Pelvis Restoration (Loveland, CO) – “I was amazed this past weekend of the course participants and their enthusiasm to learn and integrate PRI in their practices.  The host site, Rebound Physical Therapy, hosted their 7th PRI course this past weekend!!!! When I asked the participants and read their reviews, I feel three things stood out for them this past weekend:  1) Frontal plane integration of the pelvis inlet and outlet with patient function.  2) Improved understanding of inhibition in PRI and 3) Utilizing PRI tests to assist them with making improved clinic decisions for home programs for their patients. Very blessed to have assisted them this past weekend in their PRI learning! – Lori Thomsen