Week 1 Summer Reading Series: The Five Diaphragms of the Body

Since summer has finally arrived (according to the weather in Nebraska at least!), it’s time to start a new weekly reading series where I will be featuring a blog story each week to highlight an article or book from the PRI Resource Center! This week’s article, An Integrated Approach for Treating the OB Patient: Treating the Five Diaphragms of the Body, Part 1 is a hidden gem that I found when tagging articles with key words.

The article, written by Ken Johnson, DO in 1991 discusses the anatomical relationships of what he considers the “five diaphragms of the body”. This includes the arches of the feet, pelvis diaphragm, respiratory diaphragm, Sibson’s fascia covering the thoracic inlet, and the tentorium cerebelli. Needless to say, this article is a great reference for several PRI courses, including Pelvis Restoration and Postural Respiration.

Please feel free to share your comments on this article! If you have any hidden gem or new articles that you have come across lately, please email me and let me know!