Oliver Hall, PT, PRC, who owns and operates Inspire Physical Therapy in Essex, Vermont, recently sent us a story about one of his patients. Oliver has been using PRI for several years and in December of 2005, Oliver’s interest in biomechanics and movement patterns led him to become one of the first twelve therapists in the country to be certified in Postural Restoration.

“These 2 pictures were taken 6 weeks apart and are of a young man who came to therapy with mid back pain from lifting at work. He had long been aware that his chest was different from the rest (pectus carinatum). He presented as a left AIC right BC with significant tightness in his right BC. Despite the right side of his chest being higher than the left in supine, the lateral measurement from sternum to lateral chest wall was 1” shorter on the right side. In 6 weeks of working on a PRI program, he had complete resolution of his symptoms and returned to lifting at work with no problems”.