Check out this video from the Today Show featuring a 13 year-old patient being treated by Holly Spence, PT, PRC.

Holly also shared a few notes of interests regarding her treatment of this patient using Postural Restoration™ techniques.
“Rhian presented 8 months s/p single screw fixation for a slipped capital femoral epiphysis with severely limited left hip PROM/AROM. The most significant was that she had -10 degrees of FAIR.  She had excessive left genu varus, left trunk side flexion, limited hip extension, calcaneal varus then valgus with mid stance to late mid stance for gait.  She also had an excessive left anterior rotated ilium. She was not able to flex her hip past 60 degrees. She was started in sidelying and hooklying positions for PRI activity that would assist with left AFIR incorporating left hamstring, left IC adductor, right glut max IR. We also used sitting on a high stool to get a left hemi bridge with pull downs (modified due to her ROM restrictions). Protonics® was incorprated as well in prone and supine to assist with reducing her anterior rotated ilium/hemilordosis. She has also worked a lot of on left IO/TA integration. Manual tenchniques were used for left obturator release prior to sidelying activity. Shoe wear was addressed to optimize her ankle/foot stability but care was taken due to her hip deformity, and we could not fully stablilize this for fear of this putting too much stress on her knee. Rhian continues to demonstrate weak left glute med with adductor integration in left stance, positive for left Trendelenberg. Her FAIR is quite good passively 35-40 degrees but still weak actively at 25 degrees. She is now working on right sidelying left inlet IPIR with balloon. She is also doing very well with a modified retro walk using two hands on the counter in order to perform it with support and lots of abdominals.”
– Holly Spence

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