Postural restoration is going to the major leagues!

Elizabeth Wheeler recently shared with us some good news! Liz is a PT who has attended PRI courses and implemented the techniques with great success. Congratulations, Liz!

Postural restoration is going to the major leagues!  I have been named the PT for the Washington Nationals baseball team!  I will be going down to spring training in Florida and have been asked to do PRI assessments on all the baseball players.  I have put together a patient questionnaire (including dental & optical history), a list of desired pictures (to compare before and after – upon completion of the season and postural restoration rehab), and a general PRI assessment form. I would like your input as to what else to include.  This information could be a golden opportunity for a ton of objective PRI info….. that I hope to turn into a published paper.  – Liz Wheeler

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