I had the distinct pleasure to have the opportunity to travel to Munich, Germany, and teach the PRI courses Myokinematic Restoration and Impingement and Instability. It was a very rewarding experience to see how the science of PRI is received in another part of the world. And it was a great experience to be immersed in a different culture for almost two weeks.  

The first course presented was Myokin. We had 25 people attend the course from varying parts of Germany as well as neighboring countries Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Austria. This was a unique experience because usually when Myokin is presented, 90% of the attendees have never taken a PRI course before. For this course,19 of the attendees had taken multiple PRI courses, as well as Myokin previously. I made a point right away to make sure we ensured that those who had not taken a PRI course previously had a great experience.

As a result of so many of the attendees being PRI veterans, we had many, many great questions and discussions. And while some of questions pertained to other PRI coursework, we were able to stay on course and continue to meet the needs of those who were new to PRI. I’m not sure I have ever taught a PRI course where every single attendee asked at least one question. But that was the case with this stellar group. Such energy and interest in the science an application of PRI concepts!

The second course we presented was Impingement and Instability. Because this is a Secondary Course in PRI, everyone had taken several PRI courses previously. Again, this led to lively discussion and questions. We were able to use the concepts of I&I and start building a bridge between the Primary PRI courses and the other Secondary and Tertiary PRI Courses. I&I is an ever-evolving course. It was immensely rewarding to have the opportunity to help these attendees in their PRI journey to better understand and apply the science and concepts of PRI.


My eternal gratitude to the Lindbergs Academy for hosting us for back-to-back weekends. Their hospitality was top notch. My thanks to Julia Felbar, FRA, Maria Sowmardi Jauker, FRA, Angelo Gorsch, PT, and Dr. Hooman Skaraztavakol for their questions and interest in all things PRI. It was awesome to have Kazu Nishimura, PT, PRC with me and helping with lab during Myokin. Spending time with Kazu was such a blessing, and his contribution was immensely appreciated and valuable to me and the other attendees.

It was an experience I will not forget. Those in attendance were lovely and soaked up the material. PRI is global. And the science does translate to other countries and cultures as we are all humans and we all have patterns. Thank you, Munich!