Each week we will introduce a technique found on one of our two educational CD’s.  We will unveil the reasoning, purpose, application, and progression of each technique to provide guidance in your PRI decision making!

Every non-manual technique you receive in PRI course material originated from a patient.  Each technique has a story, a purpose, and a reason for existence.  What works for some patients may not work for others and thus another activity is born.  Some ask, “how did the concept of PRI start”; through patient care, that’s how.  Over the past 27 years, the creation and evolution of PRI has taken place.  Each patient has taught a lesson, sent a message and left an imprint that encompasses what PRI is. 

PRI has been developing patient handouts used for education of both clinicians and patients for decades.  Although there are an abundance of activities, there is a reason for each and every one.  Please check back weekly to discover our featured Technique of the Week!