IMG Performance Institute in Bradenton, Florida is the newest site for PRI courses! James Anderson will be instructing Myokinematic Restoration on June 25-26.

We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with this organization! Myokinematic Restoration explores the biomechanics of contralateral and ipsilateral myokinematic lumbo-pelvic-femoral dysfunction. The human body is not symmetrical. This course will explain patterns of asymmetry and offer techniques for assessment and treatment with consideration for neutrality, position, and respiration. Postural Restoration concepts are key factors in performance of athletes from all ages and abilities.

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From Trevor Moawad, Director, IMG Performance Institute.  “We have a comprehensive approach to injury management and rehabilitation at the IMG Performance Institute.  We feel that it is necessary for our clinicians to practice the best pathways towards returning our youth, elite and professional athletes back to their sport as quickly and safely as possible.  That is why we are excited to have our clinicians go through the Myokinematic Restoration course.”