Providing patient care is not only a learning experience for the patient but also for the therapist. Each patient has taught a lesson, sent a message and left an imprint that has helped develop our approach to treatment. This week Ron Hruska was working with a patient who had seen another therapist at theHruska Clinic prior to this visit. She mentioned that a specific cue from Lori Thomsen made all the difference in her ability to breathe into her right chest. Lori asked her to “breathe into the heel of my right hand” during an Infraclavicular Pump and Subclavius technique. Ron brought a couple of us into the treatment room to feel the upper right ribs externally rotate upon inhalation using this particular cue. The next time you perform these PRI Manual Techniques consider using this instruction to maximize your patient’s ability to achieve right apical expansion. Contact us to share your own patient-directed discoveries!