The ENT Institute just north of Atlanta was the location of the latest Cervical Revolution presented to a curious, question asking and enthusiastic group of PT’s, athletic training, fitness and soft tissue professionals.
One major emphasis of Cervical Revolution is on the brainstem specifically nerve and CSF flow at that highly neurologic articulation located at Atlas and the occipital bone.  When a neck is unable to maintain neutrality and oscillating function, especially at the craniocervical articulation or the occipital atlanto joints, a wide range of symptoms are likely to occur.  These symptoms can include hypotonia affected by the fusimotor system, neuralgia, inflammation, tinnitus, dizziness and hypertonia especially with stiffness of cervical musculature and headaches.

This is a short list of symptoms that can also mimic Chiari-like symptoms that can include all of the above with sleep apnea and sleep disorders.   One goal of this course is to identify and restore normal spinal coupling of the cervical region through testing and non-manual techniques for proper tri-planer function of the neck, cranium and occlusal system.  In this course, the neck is the primary driver of cranial strain patterns that can appear in a non-pathological or pathological presentation.  The cervical spine has a direct relationship with osteopathic descriptions of cranial position including temporal bone influence on the jaw.  The occlusal system also has a strong influence of not only the cranium and neck but the entire body. This is known as the stomatognathic system, and it has a significant influence on the entire axial skeleton.

The staff at The ENT Institute was so excited about attending this course since they see so many patients with the symptoms previously mentioned and can see the application of PRI into their daily practice.  It is always a pleasure for a faculty member to have so many intelligent questions and see so many “ah-ha” moments from students eager to learn a detailed, and at times, challenging to assimilate course!

Thank you very much to the staff at The ENT Institute including Allison, Jennifer, Niah, Miscelle, and Ann.  Thank you to Tassie for driving up from Warner Robbins, Mary Beth for all the great questions, Andy for your continuing journey, Danielle, Meghan, Roberta for your energy and last but not least, Kaitlin, for participating so well during lab.