Home Study Advantage

Feedback from Home Study course participants through the years has provided us insight into the value of viewing a Home Study Primary Course before or after a Live or Live Stream Primary Course attendance. *You will have 21 days to complete the home study from the time you receive online access. In an effort to further promote successful clinical integration of PRI course concepts, we are now offering:

1) Half-priced tuition to complete the Online Home Study (if you have attended the same Live Primary Course or Live Stream in the past 12 months).


2) Half-priced tuition to attend the Live Course, or Live Stream (if you have completed the same Online Home Study Primary Course in the past 12 months).

The benefit of twice hearing the information presented, seeing the instructor demonstrate clinical tests and techniques, and participating in person and participating through virtual attendance gives the attendee a clear advantage for learning and grasping concepts in a shorter amount of time and at a deeper level of understanding. Please call us to take advantage of this discounted learning opportunity!