Annual Symposium

Each year this symposium will cover a different topic or topics of interest.

9th Annual Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium
"Postural Destabilization: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Remodel Dynamic Perception and Behavior"

Our 9th annual interdisciplinary integration symposium will focus on our need to re-process, re-learn, re-think and re-perceive the meaning of ‘stability’. Depending on how you feel about the word ‘stabilization’, it can be a positive situation when it is associated with success, or it can have a negative impact and influence on behavior, and situations where change and creativity is limited.

Eight speakers have been invited to share their thoughts about the word ‘de-stabilization’. Our two keynote speakers, Dr. Benoit Bardy from Montpellier, France, and Dr. Thomas Stoffregen from the University of Minnesota, have dedicated their careers to coordination, postural intolerance and movement influenced by perception. Dr. Bardy will talk about how endogenous and exogenous information is used to modulate the (de-) stabilization processes for postural dynamics. Dr. Thomas Stoffregen’s research interests including perception and control of body orientation and its integration with simultaneous suprapostural action, postural stability and motion sickness as related to ‘patterns of bodily movement’, embody the objectives of the symposium. The other six speakers, representing five behavior and movement disciplines, will address how our ‘stability’ requires afferentation, modulation, and depatterning behavior to remain unstable, creative, and tolerant of pain and emotional instability.

Overall, this is an opportunity to re-assess how under-dependence on biologic and behavioral control can improve our freedom and ability to learn new un-realized patterns without the comfort of relying on familiar strategies. Each speaker will attempt to offer suggestions and recommendations for integrating behavior and postural strategies that will balance our stability constraints with our instability freedom. 

April 20-21, 2017
Lincoln, NE

Course Tuition

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Late Registration Fee: $525
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*Please register early. Registration is limited to 120 seats.