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Non-manual Techniques

The Non-Manual Technique collections for the following PRI Secondary Courses are now available for purchase as a Digital Download! Each digital download collection will include PDF handouts for the PRI Non-Manual Techniques which are discussed and included in the corresponding course. Some techniques may crossover from the Primary Courses Non-Manual Techniques Collections, however many of the techniques are new to the corresponding course manual, and have never been available for purchase on a CD or Digital Download. The number of techniques included on each collection are listed in parentheses below. You must attend the corresponding course prior to purchasing the Non-Manual Techniques collection.

PLEASE NOTE: Digital downloads are non-refundable once the product purchase has been approved online by our staff, and you have received the link and instructions to download the product.

Cervical Revolution
What's Included:

You must complete the corresponding Cervical Revolution course prior to purchasing this product.

Non-Manual Repositioning (5)

Left Sidebending Repatterning (9)

Right Torsion Repatterning (12)