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On Grade 0 of the Hruska Adduction Lift Test…

Why is a grade of 0 attributed to just “obturator” weakness…..wouldn’t it be weakness of all external rotators?  And, is that obturator internus and obturator externus or just obturator internus?  “Glutes” are listed as opposition muscle to the AIC, do you mean glute max or glute max and glute med?

The obturator internus and externus have the best mechanical advantage of pulling the acetabulum “onto the femur” and therefore if the patient cannot “raise lower ankle off the mat” the ability to approximate the A to F or F to A is poor. This poor proprioceptive and mechanical ability limits frontal and transverse function. The glutes (gluteus maximus AND gluteus medius) are opposition muscle to the AIC.