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On PRI and Gymnastics…

What are your recommendations on kids doing gymnastics and dancers and getting stretched out to no end?  My kids are in gymnastics and I want to talk with their coach about not setting them up for issues but not sure how to approach it.  My kids are 9 and 6 and they work on the splitz all the time which stretches their capsules.  How do I create balance for them or is that possible if they stay in the sport?

I would incorporate any of the PRI single leg squat-balance activities.  Slow sit to stand and stand to sit single leg work, Retro Stairs (both ascents and descents), 90-90s or single leg paraspinal releases, etc.  They need to be mindful of their glutes and hamstrings and maintain frontal plane control on one leg while not participating in the sport of their choice.  This activity can be worked on while not in practice or competition.