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On Feeling the Serrauts with the Standing Serratus Squat…

I have a question on the Standing Serratus Squat exercise.  I have seen Ron use that exercise at courses a few times to help with upper trap inhibition.  I have tried to utilize it and have had a tough time getting patients to “feel” serratus working and I/they are not noticing much change in scapular position/upper trap tone etc.  All they feel is quads (which I know is also desirable).  I have emphasized maintaining lumbar flexion (post tilt), steady pressure with forearms and heels down.  Am I missing something or what can I cue my patients to feel serratus better as I have seen this be a very effective exercise but have become frustrated with it.

You are doing everything correctly with the Standing Serratus Squat.  Most often, when you ask the patient to push their forearms into the wall, they will also move their thorax towards the wall.  The key to finding the serratus is to have them push their elbows into the wall and then ask them to pull their rib cage back (thoracic flexion).