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On Inhalation and Exhalation with the Adductor Pull Back…

Describe your rationale for inhalation with the Adductor Pull Back (pulling back portion) and exhalation with the IR/ADD (towel squeeze portion)?  Exhalation into IR is the normal movement for exhalation and would help optimize ZOA….but what about the inhalation phase?

When one ‘pulls’ back the left leg upon inhalation, the left ZOA is enhanced (left anterior iliac spine goes posteriorly and left lower ribs approximate the left ASIS resulting in better positional left ZOA) and the diaphragm upon contraction forces the left pelvic floor fulcrum (levator ani muscle group and coccygeus) to open and stretch so that upright left AF IR will be more easily obtained and not limited by the left pelvic floor. You want to feel left adductor, not the left hamstring as your left posterior hip capsule feels stretched.