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On the Intent for the Bolster During Activities…

Describe the intent of the bolster for the Left Sidelying Right Glute Max, Left Sidelying Knee Toward Knee and Right Sidelying Adductor Pull Back exercises.  Is the bolster under the feet for sidelying exercises there to increase the ROM that the hips have to go through…..Left Sidelying Right Glute Max to increase right hip ER ROM?  Left Sidelying Knee to Knee to increase right hip ER and left hip IR (help activate left anterior glute med and IC adductor magnus more via shortening it w/ hip IR positioning)?  What about bolster in between both legs for Adductor Pull Back….that puts left hip into more IR.

The bolster under the ankles, when the patient is in left sidelying, is to help align the medial malleolus with the pube. It also gives the patient the sensation or proprioceptive input to “turn” the right knee up (right FA ER) and “turn” the left knee up for left FA IR. It places the left ischiocondylar adductor and the right FA ER’s in better transverse plane position. The bolster between the ankles when in right sideyling helps increase left FA IR with left adductors (left ischicondylar adductors).