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Difference Between AF vs. FA Exercise…

What is the difference in AF vs. FA exercises?  In the Myokinematic Restoration home study video, Mr. Anderson says a common misconception is that AF is weight bearing and FA is non weight bearing. What’s an example of an AF exercise compared to an FA exercise if it’s not just weight bearing that makes them different?

Any time the pelvis (acetabulum) moves on the femur then AF movement is taking place.  Anytime the femur is moving in the acetabulum then FA movement is taking place.  During gait both activities are occurring since the acetabulum (pelvis) is rotating around the femoral head as simultaneous femoral internal rotation is occurring with the femoral head moving internally (posteriorly) in the acetabulum.  Therefore any exercise in PRI that calls for movement of the femur in the acetabulum (no matter the WB status) is FA and anytime the acetabulum is called to move on the femur (no matter the WB status) is AF.