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On Describing AF IR…

I need to understand what AF looks like.  If you took a snapshot of AF IR, would that position look the same as FA IR?  Or does it look the same as FA ER? So is AF IR the same as FA ER except for what’s moving on what?  In the video, it looks like AF IR is the same position as FA IR?

Imagine the pelvis in standing as a ring of bone (which it is with some joints [SIJ’s, pubic symphysis] connecting the ring together).  Now rotate the ring (transverse plane) counterclockwise (to the left) and you will witness L AF IR.  This is because the pelvis has rotated ON the femur (see above).  If you put muscle and skin on top of that you can see that that movement can appear varied depending on what the individual is up to.  All you need to do is look at some of the exercise examples in the back of your Myokin manual (appendix) and look at the PRI descriptor (L AF IR→L FA IR) or any other example and you can begin to decipher what AF IR looks like.