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On Testing HG IR…

At the last Postural Respiration course I took the speaker and I both tested HG IR on a friend of mine.  I was getting these huge positive values, but the speaker’s values were negative.  He suggested I was stabilizing the humerus too firmly.  I have seen a “firm” technique on the HG IR test (in fact, when one person tested me, the firmness was quite painful).  I have been reading over the manual and looking on the web page but can’t really find the answer I am looking for.  How firmly do you stabilize the humerus?

A couple of thoughts on the HG IR: don’t over-stabilize the humeral head from being able to both roll and glide during the testing. But do make sure the shoulder joint does not advance forward during the rotation. Its one thing to stabilize a joint and prevent it from moving forward and yet another to press so hard on the joint structures that it is not allowed to passively move as it should up to the point of impingement.