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On the Difference Between the Medial and Lateral Hamstring for Repositioning…

I understand that when we want to reposition, we use the hamstrings. Why does it tell us on pages 46 & 47 of the Myokinematic Restoration manual that we use the bicep femoris (ER/EXT)? Don’t we want to use the medial hamstrings more since they are so weak? Or do we use the biceps because they ARE stronger?

You asked about biceps femoris and medial hamstrings.  The fact is that we want both.  The biceps femoris is positioned best to sagitally extend the hip (AF EXT) via the sacrotuberous ligament and the alignment of the biceps’ proximal tendon.  But when it comes to the much desired IR during hip extension, then you gotta love the medial hamstrings.  When you break it down a plane at a time, you have to focus on the best sagittal plane muscle first, but when you begin to integrate planes you have sagittal biceps together with sagittal and transverse medial hamstrings (these medial hamstrings are a functional mix between the biceps femoris and the ischial condylar adductor magnus).