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On Treating a BC patient with the 90-90 Hip Lift with Right Arm Reach and Balloon…

When treating a BC patient, why would we give the non-manual 90-90 Hip Lift with Right Arm Reach and Balloon (which includes R scapular protraction) if the right scapula is already in protraction?

You reach with the right arm during exhalation in 90-90 to treat the thorax (reposition the diaphragm toward the left ZOA, etc), not to do much of anything with the scapula.  But after you get a left ZOA, the next inhalation will externally rotate the right ribs and allow the scapula to return to more of a neutral position.  In other words, the airflow and rib rotation corrections will serve to reposition the scapula as the base of the scapula (rib cage) is corrected under the scapula.