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On the Position of the Left Obturator Internus…

My colleague just came back from the Pelvic Floor Restoration course and she is trying to teach me some of what she learned.  I am stumped on the left obturator internus. I learned in Myokinematic Restoration that the left obturator is short, straight and weak. That made perfect sense to me. My colleague tells me that the left is now considered long and weak in the outlet. Help! I get the weak, but I can only picture short with AF ER, IP IR, and outlet adduction. Please help me understand how the obturator is long on the left.

“The obturator is short, straight and weak in the distal attachment site on the femur (transverse plane).”  This is correct!  In the pelvic floor course, the obturator is long and weak with the proximal attachment site in the frontal plane.  In the pelvic floor course we are looking at the obturators influence on the pelvic outlet in the frontal plane.  In left AF IR, the obturator is being repositioned in both planes in relationship to the femur and the pelvic outlet.  Therefore, it is lengthening distally on the femur and shortening proximally in the pelvic outlet.