Fitzgerald, Sean

Sean Fitzgerald, MPT, DPT, PRC, EPPM

Sean Fitzgerald, MPT, DPT, PRC, EPPM
Transitions Physical Therapy
63 Main Street
Essex Junction, VT

In 2002, a short 3-hour journey to Boston brought me to my first PRI course, Postural Respiration. I had no idea that this course would change everything for me. Sitting in that MGH classroom, on Constitution Wharf, listening to Ron explain the interconnectedness of gait, respiration, autonomics, and sensory relationships, blew me away. It explained so much and yet, I knew there was so much more to learn. I had found my path. This began my journey into PRI and a professional career, that I love, with completing my PRC in 2011.

Never losing that initial sense of PRI awe and inquiry, I have since established 2 different PRC credentialed companies, opened 6 clinics, lab assisted several courses, presented locally and nationally, worked with the USA luge team, been faculty for the Green Mountain Opera festival, and attended a TED talk symposium where I presented. While I am very proud of these accomplishments, what I am most proud of is the system of coaching and mentoring that I have developed during this time. I have mentored numerous staff that have gone on to do their own great things in our company and in other areas.  

Realizing my passion for the business side of running a PT clinic, led me to pursue the business credentialing of Executive in Private Practice Management from Evidence in Motion which I completed in 2014. I currently am an active member of the EIM PT Execs Masterminds program and actively consult on private practice management. Having the unique perspective of both PRI and EPPM, I am available to help you develop your clinical excellence, in-house training program, leadership development, leveraging your postural knowledge, and to help you find your reference centers and path.

Please reach out if you would be interested in peer mentoring or consultation.