Wittekind, Jim

Jim Wittekind, PT, DPT, PRC

Jim Wittekind, PT, DPT, PRC
Flagstaff Integrated Therapies
Flagstaff, AZ

I have been practicing PT for 16 years with experiences spanning the entire patient management spectrum from the Emergency Room to Out-Patient Physical Therapy and online coaching. I dove headstrong into PRI to help my wife with her chronic debilitating pelvic pain and sort out my own chronic headaches. We even spent a week at PRIME with Ron and Heidi. While there, I mentored with Dave Drummer, DPT, PRC, Torin Berge, MSPT, PRC and Jason Masek, MSPT, ATC, CSCS, PRC. Those experiences significantly expanded my understanding of the clinical application of PRI. By incorporating my personal and professional experiences I provide a dynamic experience specific to the individual needs of my clients and students. My certification in Postural Restoration compliments the solid foundation of my integrated treatment approach. I consider diet, sleep, and mindfulness recommendations to holistically address the various triggers that can impair autonomic function. All of these things can play heavily in unlocking those very stuck “complicated” clients. I feel they must be considered. Empathy, compassion, and resilience are the core tenents of my professional and personal culture. Struggling mostly on my own for 7 years to truly understand and implement PRI has helped me develop unique ways to explain complex concepts. I excel at teaching and being a mentor. I am able to apply the science of PRI to all levels of patient/client management focusing mostly on persistent injuries and chronic pain. I truly enjoy helping fellow curious learners walk the path to greater understanding. I look forward to helping you.